TopGame is a goal in anything you do whether it is sport, work, hobbies, or daily activities. It means applying an approach that leads towards the best experience.

Top means the intended quality of your experience or the outcome of your actions. You define what Top means for you. 

Game represents the approach through which we reach the intended experience. Game is a playful attitude to our life, sport, problems, or any other situation. Part of the Game includes finding this attitude. With the appropriate approach, we do things better and the quality of our experience improves.

TopGame means applying this approach that leads to better quality of our experience. Everyone identifies quality of their experience differently; however, the principle stays the same most of the time. If we approach our life as a game, we experience it with lightness and have a higher chance to reach the intended outcome. In other words, we have a higher chance to reach our Top. 

What qualities should your experience include within? 

What is the appropriate approach leading towards these qualities?

This is TopGame

TopGame defined by you.