High Performance
Consulting & coaching
As a mental performance consultant, I work with clients on reaching higher levels of their mindset leading to consistent optimal performance.

Through counseling and teaching mental skills, I work as a facilitator of clients' high-quality performance and personal excellence.
What is mental performance?
All psychological components that affect our performance.

Stress, poor concentration, high anxiety, or low motivation, to name few, are commonly mentioned as obstacles on a way to results we strive for.

Through mental training, these obstacles can be overcome, performance quality enhanced, and the results achieved.
My Mission
The potential of performance psychology goes far beyond improving one's mentality for better performance. I see my role as a helper for exploring deep values that reveal one's potential and bring courage to follow it.

High performers strive for excellence. Excellence cannot be reached without full commitment. Commitment cannot be held without values. By utilizing one's values, clarity over a chosen path, drive, and fulfillment arise. As a result, quality inner experience and valuable outcomes are achieved - all contributing to a better society.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Hawaii Pacific University

Master of Arts in Sport & Performance Psychology
graduation in 2020
University of Denver
About Me


The video is not much about me as it is about the main philosophy behind TopGame Performance and approach applied within.

You can learn further here:

key points of my practice

Theoretical application

Assessment and profiling

Complete conceptualization of clients skills and abilities is a crucial first step for defining the starting point and further strategy.

Client-centered approach

Psychological consultations and mental training plan specifically designed based on the client's goals and needs

Research-based practice

All interventions backed up in the current psychological research

Regular evaluations of the process

Optimizing the plan during the professional relationship

My psychological conceptualization of how one achieves top performance is rooted in:

Acceptance-commitment theory (ATC)

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

Systems theory

and Cognitive-behavioral theory (CBT)

assessment and profilingg

Strong focus on conceptualization of a case is a crucial first step defining starting point and further strategy.

client centered approach

Strategic mental training plan specifically designed based on client's goals and areas to grow

evidence based practice

All interventions backed up in the current psychological research

Regular evaluations of the process

Optimizing the plan during the professional relationship

Mental skills affecting performance

energy control

find the optimal mental and physical state for your performance


how to stay on your path regardless circumstances

Stress management

how to deal with adversity

Effective communication

conflict prevention, enhanced cooperation

Emotional control

respond rather than react


increasing motivation, developing commitment


developing culture of learners and achievers

goal setting

defining the direction rooted in your values, strategizing the action plan

..and more.


As I am a current student of master’s program in Sport & Performance Psychology at University of Denver, my services are delivered through a non-profit organization CPEX with a supervision of professionals in a field.



Consultations, coaching, and workshops for athletes, teams, coaches, and parents.


Individual and group consultations and workshops for various levels of employment in organizations / companies.


Leadership for personal excellence - reaching fulfilling life through value-based action.

Consulting experience

Presentations & workshops

elite soccer

elite sled hockey

high performing tennis youth

high school sport teams

high-risk occupations

Presentations & workshops



Articles determined to enhancing mental strength leading to boosting quality of our experience and action.

The mind affects not only the quality of our inner experience, but also how we act. It is crucial to know how to use the mind in order to reach personal excellence.

How to master our ATTITUDE

Two mental strategies towards the free will.
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the power of deep focus

How to reach productivity and happiness "without a reason" through developing sharper attention.
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