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Dear readers, dear visitors of this blog, welcome to this page!


First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest about my websites. Perhaps, you’ve already had a chance to look around, and maybe you realized that the websites contain two sections of articles.


The first section is called Principles of inner strength. It contains longer, more detailed articles. I have worked on them for few years, and I regularly check them, so that they stay meaningful, and go along with my current experience and knowledge developing with time. You learn more about this project by clicking on Principles of inner strength.


The second section containing articles is this Blog. Here, I will be publishing shorter articles, providing my current ideas and experience as well as information and news from our environment related to the fields of development, mental performance, motivation, etc. Overall, you will have a chance to see my concrete steps that I take on a path day after day.


With the Principles of inner strength, I want this Blog to be a topic for a discussion. Therefore, please let me know, whenever you are curious about something, or whether you have different experience or opinion. If you feel that my articles help you anyhow, please, let me know too! I will always welcome your comments and personal messages.


Thank you, Barbora Kijasova