Principles of
inner strength

Main goal

To awaken the strengths within you

To bring awareness and to offer specific steps for increasing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy resulting in higher motivation, productivity, satisfaction, and success. The purpose of working on these four levels is to attain a clearer self-concept leading to achieving pre-defined, deeply meaningful and fulfilling goals.

The mind

All the articles focus on improving aspects in life through work with our mentality. The mind is a crucial, but also captious, tool that we are continuously using to function in life. By using the mind, we interpret situations, develop emotions, build attitudes and choose actions. All of our actions are led by our mind. The mind, therefore, not only affects the quality of our inner experience, but also determines the external reality and our reaction of it. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of our experience and to become more efficient in life, it is crucial to know how the mind works and how to use it so that it becomes a helpful companion instead of inscrutable, limiting burden.

three principles to carry on

strive for change, regardless any circumstances

Continuous change and flow are the basic principles of life and anything around us. It is natural and important to change. Stability does not exist. When we stop, we actually do not stay in one spot but we degrade. For example, when we exercise, we are getting stronger. However, once we stop, we are getting weaker again. The strength does not stay same. Growth and development occur only in change and flow. Therefore, let’s strive for change, regardless any circumstances.

use The power of non-judgemental approAch. Unconditionally.

Let’s not judge. Let’s not value. Just experience. Through judging we tend to label everything as either “good” or “bad”, which leads to developing emotions. Through experiencing, we obtain information about reality without emotional coloring. Experiencing helps us to maintain a bigger perspective and inner balance, while judging breaks our balance down through the loss of perspective.

Take the responsibility

By acknowledging that we are capable of achieving the appropriate approach to problems, we become responsible for striving for this approach in any situation, in order to provide ourselves and to others a healthy, prospering lend for growth towards personal excellence.

Let's get on the journey

All of the articles gradually connect theories and described principles to each other in an order where a new article draws on the last. Therefore, I suggest to begin with the first (upper) article. However, because each article focuses on a specific topic, it is still beneficial to choose just the one that grasped your interest.


Have you decided to be open to change and to apply the non-judgemental approach? Do you really want to work on your development? I am inviting you on a journey, where the articles will be your guides. However, it must be you, who will have to walk through the change. Take the responsibility. I strongly believe that if you walk through thoughtfully, if you are honest to yourself and if you try to apply the following thoughts, the change will happen in your life. Take full responsibility for your decision to change. Let’s begin!

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