Center for Performance Excellence

My services are delivered through the non profit consulting organization Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX). The following information and more are available on the website of University of Denver.

What is cpex?

The Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX) is a nonprofit consulting organization that provides sport and performance psychology and life skills coaching to the Denver community. Every day we use performance as a vehicle for positive social change, and to teach mental strategies to achieve personal excellence. Through passionate service delivery that emphasizes well-rounded development, personal responsibility, and citizenship, our clients gain the knowledge and develop the tools to chart a new course for their future.


Performance excellence is working toward fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction in life by increasing capability, developing consistency, and connecting to the joy of performing. CPEX consultants provide the opportunity to train the mind along with the body, to create valuable connections between thoughts and actions.

services offered through cpex

Sport & Performing Arts

CPEX offers two separate packages for teams and individuals within sport and performing arts. We recognize that all clients stand at different stages in their journeys and encounter different struggles. The following packages were created through our experience as the most common areas of assistance for our clients.

Each package is tailored to the individual needs of our clients, and includes skills that are not only utilized within the performance domain, but can directly translate to other areas in life.

Business & Occupational

CPEX is a leader in performance psychology. Performance psychology uses the transferability of sport psychology principles to other performance domains to maximize potential, better manage stress, and to help all performers develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to excellent performance.

Occupational Performance Package

Designed for working professionals, this package provides businesses and individuals with the capability to operate at a heightened level, better manage daily stressors, and achieve performance excellence within their occupation.

Target areas of the Occupational package:

–     Energy/Stress Management

–     Attentional control and focus

–     Job satisfaction and career motivation

–     Enhancing team dynamics

–     Efficient communication